Chapter 181: You Click the Red Button – The Story Ends…

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– How about this one? – Coco yells from the fitting cabin of Adidas store on Huai Hai Road Shanghai. (Coco and I are binge-shopping new Stella McCartney line).

– How about this one? – she yells, spelling to me in an exaggerated serious tone: “Every end is a new beginning”.

– What about it? – I yell back. – It’s common sense. Every end is a new beginning. A proverb or a saying, encouraging people to look at the bright side of something that ended; creating space for new and even better things to emerge.

– So you really believe it, J?

– Well, yes. It is a common sense! What’s there not to believe in?

– It is a misconception, J.

I am used to counter-intuitive statements made by Coco. But this time, rather than start arguing on the spot (because I don’t agree), I get curious. So I say:

– Please explain…

– Most ends are not a new beginning but a continuation of the same old drag we have waltzed ourselves in, while dancing the intricate dance called Life. (By the way, the dance we commonly dare to dance is more like twist, not a waltz by far.) A new beginning does never emerge out of passive nowhere. A New Beginning is ALWAYS a conscious choice, your conscious choice to push the Button of Change…


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