Chapter 149: We all have signed a pact to hurt ourselves…

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Somewhere between today and our birthday we have signed the pact to hurt ourselves.

We have written out and signed a statement saying that we will destroy everything we love.

If you do not agree, please answer this one simple question: Are you living your dream?

This question may as well be too ambiguous. A simple version of it would be: How often are you disappointed with yourself? Once a year? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? How often?

Please go ahead and answer in comments below how often you are disappointed with yourself for any reason.

Once I have your answers – I will let you know what level of disappointment is ‘normal, acceptable’ level and what level means that you have signed the pact to hurt yourself and to destroy things you love…

Why is this information relevant? Because it takes awareness to break this pact.

Love you all. Please answer the question in comments below.

Julia Antufjew

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