Chapter 368: Kissing me goodbye… until I am back again.

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Waking up early makes sense. 

90 minutes later – it is still early. 

7.30 is not the best time to travel. 

A trip to the city takes twice as long as usual. 

I wake up once again to the thin rain and tall SOHO building with German consulate buried somewhere in the 8th floor. 

Health code green. 

Mask on. 

Elevator to 8th. 

Mobile phone into a safety box #47.

Why not #46?

Tough choice. 



Ticket 3004.

Window 16.

Thank you for your kind help. 


No taxi. 

Thin rain and swarms of office plankton hurrying to work armed with large black umbrellas. 

Black umbrellas everywhere. 

10 am. 

Portman Ritz Carlton is in 3 min walk. 

Did I really want to take a cab? 

Element Fresh. 

Continental breakfast. 

Poached eggs. 

What is poached? 

Ah, ok. Yes poached please 

Does it include coffee? 


One cappuccino please. 

Hey love. Arrived. See you in a sec. 

My friend joins me. 

She looks fresh. 

– How often do you take time to think about business strategy? 

Global goals of your company. 

What has to go? What has to be developed further? 

– Way too seldom. 

Daily operations take all attention. 

– Same here.

There is an important activity I want to delegate. 

Prototype development. 

I need a person who has a talent to make a well fitting beautiful garments from mediocre or bluntly ugly drawings. 

A talent like this is a rare find. 

– Yes.  Same here.

Our head designer breaks his head about assistant designers not being able to take the lead in a project. 

– So does he come up with all concepts? 

– Yes. He does. 

– Hm. I am sure there is a way to recruit who I need. 

Clarity action: 1) write a standard operating procedure for prototyping. 

2) Allocate people to it. 

– See you soon!

– See ya! 



– No, I have no appointment. 

Is Sam around? 

I would love to get a haircut. 

– Sam? Can you please come down? There is a client for you. No she doesn’t have an appointment. 

He’ll be with you in a sec. 

11.50 am. 

I could have slept till 12.

So much fun instead. 

– Coffee? Tee? Lemon water? 

– Lemon water please. 

– It’s been long time. 

– Yes. Same cut please. 


– Thank you, Sam. 

I see you, well… in half a year.
I want to buy this top on Nanjing Lu. 

I want to go to bank on Huai Hai Lu. 

10000 steps. 

14.30 in the bus. 

Ticket – CNY 6.

I take a nap. 


My stop. 

– Excuse me? Is it your bag? 

– Oh. Yes. Thank you!

Almost forgot my new top in the bus. 

New concrete paved road. 

Light gray. 

Cars. Trucks. 

Gentle scent of tiny white petals swirling in the air… kissing me goodbye… until I am back again.  

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