Chapter 9: Yellow kangaroo or weight loss algorithm

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– The best things in life are easy. The most powerful algorithms are short. Unfortunately, the most powerful algorithms are also extremely well hidden. – Coco paused for a while. – When I say they are hidden, I don’t mean they are kept secret by some men in black or women in yellow polka dot. As a matter of fact, they are lying on the surface in front of your very eyes. But they sound so trivial and simple, that you tend to neglect them. They are too simple to be true. It takes high level of trust to take those rules seriously and chew on them until they open themselves to you.

The weight loss algorithm is:

1) Create a daily energy deficit.
2) Log your energy.

In plain words you have to burn more than you eat and you have to track everything you eat.

– You are joking, right? – I can’t believe my ears. – I could have told you that. The first one at least. The second one is for the masochists. I mean, writing down everything you eat is not really sexy; it is almost kind of mental. – I am scratching my head in disbelief.

– Call it as you wish. Mental, shmental, you can call it yellow kangaroo if it makes you feel happy. One thing is clear – you follow those rules – you lose weight. You follow them not – you lose time. Apropos time, I have to run, my dear. Please set up an account at and play with it for a week. See it as your homework. One week later you have to tell me what you have learned. Bye love.

– Coco, Coco, and who is this yellow kangaroo?

– Beep-beep-beep.

I go online and type in

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