Chapter 10: I eat like a bird … and weight like a cargo train.

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Two days on is enough to straighten few things out. Never mind “I eat like a bird” part. Like a pterodactyl may be, yes. No wonder that some researchers claim that “Pterodactyls were too heavy to fly”.

You bet they were! I have logged everything I eat for two days to find out that I eat about three times as much as I should. You should try it if you don’t believe me. Enlightenment effect is extremely sobering.

As result I stop eating pesto and 7 oz chocolate bars. I stop drinking alcohol and soft drinks. And I start jumping rope. On the day 4 I eat 100 grams of some cookies, accounting for 7000 jumps, 1.5 hours. I crawl home with a clear understanding that cookies are out of my life! 

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