Chapter 11: Power of visualization or hot body puzzle game

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– Ladies and gentlemen! It is time for the HOT BODY PUZZLE GAME! – Dressed up like a techno gypsy Coco is dancing through her living room. Her screen has a stalking function turning after her in a smooth motion.

– Coco, what is there to celebrate? – I am on a video call with Coco.

– Life is a party, J. Just make sure you don’t get wasted before the band starts playing!

– Hah?

– Today we are going to make sure you meet your weight loss target. You have a target, right?

– Yes, I want to lose 60 pounds.

– Ok, here is the trick. First you have to imprint into your mind that you’ve already lost those 60 pounds. Secondly you have to act upon it. And as result you will become it.

– But Coco … I’ve just lost 7 pounds so far. This is still far away from my target.

– You need to visualize yourself 60 pounds younger in such a powerful way that your subconsciousness believes that you already have slimmed down those 60 pounds, prompting your body and mind to act in the way a fit person acts, eliminating all possible limiting beliefs. 60 pounds is quite a number. Everybody in your immediate surroundings tells you it is impossible. You have been thinking it is impossible for years. Today we are breaking the paradigm. First you believe that you are all fit NOW. Second you act as a fit person. Third – you will slim down.

– It is a weird play. I have to be somebody I am not to become somebody I want to be. How is it possible? How to?

– Sincerely fake it – until you make it: the first and the last rule of the HOT BODY PUZZLE GAME.

– Ok, tell me about the game. – My brain is spinning.

– The game is easy. 1) Find your own picture with your head looking good. 2) Google a hot body you would like to have. 3) Photoshop both together. 4) Save this picture as the back screen of your computer, print it out and paste it to your fridge, to your bath mirror, and any other surface you are frequently looking at. Look at it every day until you accept it as your new look. Bye for now my little dancer!

The window with the techno gypsy disappears. The end of the video call.

Well girls. I have things to do!

I don’t know about you – but I want to have fun! My head plus some hot body from the web all mixed in Face Swap Photofunia and voila here it is my Hot Body Puzzle!

It feels utterly confusing seeing myself so slender, like a door lock opening to the left, but apparently … it opens the door.

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