Chapter 160: How does your dream body looks like? Do you know? Because Google does not…

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In order to succeed with our weight loss campaign we need to know exactly what it is we are aiming for. We need to see in our inner eye how exactly we are going to look like. Why is it important? I will give an example.

If I ask you to go to the supermarket next door, buy a Seriberiezhka and bring it back, will you be able to? No. Because you don’t know what exactly is a Seriberiezhka. You can google it though. But guess what? Google does not know either. So you may buy whatever, but it won’t be a Seriberiezhka.

Why don’t you yet have the body you want to have? Skipping lots of talking around and putting it short: because you don’t know how it looks. Your skinny looks are as mysterious to you as the definition of a Seriberiezhka.

So in order to get a body we want – we need to know exactly how it looks with OUR FACE ON THE TOP OF IT! Imagining yourself skinny does not work well. If it would work well – we would be skinny by now (this is the power of thought). If you doubt my words, just close your eyes and imagine yourself wearing a 27” waist and a body which goes along with a waist like this. Imagining a headless body you want is easy; combining it with your own face is a difficult task.

To solve this challenge Coco invented Hot Body Puzzle Game! Once your Hot Body Puzzle Avatar is done – there you know what type of Seriberiezhka is your type (as a figure of speech). I still have no clue what a Seriberiezhka is…

P.S. To everyone who is googling Seriberiezhka right now: STOP! It is not important! Go play the Hot Body Puzzle Game 🙂

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