– Cosmopolitan cover girl ha? Good idea! Nice puzzle game result! How do you feel about yourself when looking at the picture?

– I feel great. I feel a different person somehow… Crazy no?

– Crazy as for brilliant you mean? – Coco is laughing out loud. – Keep looking at it for at least 12 times a day. Every day.

– Ok. If you say so.

– There is something else you have to prepare before it is too late.

– What is it and why would it be too late?

– It is your “before” picture, your original weight picture. And it will be too late because you are already losing weight.

– I have made some pictures while in the detox place. Although I don’t like them at all.

– Good. Take a picture of yourself once every week. Preferably at the same time. Front and side ways.

– Why is it necessary anyway?

– The path to lose those 60 pounds is a tricky one. The day-to-day progress is invisible to the impatient eye. The temptation to stop “wasting your time” will be great along the way. It is like Memento. You have to take pictures to remember.

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