Chapter 37: A chronically disappointed bore

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Are you a chronically disappointed person? How many times have you told to anybody, any person around you “I am disappointed” in the past year? How about in the past month? How about in the past day?

Even one time is too much!

If you use the term “disappointment” – you are a bore.

And I highly recommend dropping this word and the whole concept behind it! Oh please, just drop it! A world of meaning does not have disappointment in her vocabulary!

Imagine you working your ass off to get things done and while you are doing it there is some chronically disappointed bore dancing on the top of your head.

Imagine you are walking up to your knee in mud, carrying on your back and the bore, and her horse and her luggage.

And while you are dragging-sweating through the mud – the bore is nagging about how disappointing it is that you are moving too slow, moving too fast, sinking to deep, not sinking at all, farting too loud, not farting at all, and most importantly not understanding the genius, deep, hand painted, mouth blown, gold woven, intricate freaking and in reality generously absent soul of the bore!

You know what? I just envision myself halting in the middle of the mud pool, gently removing from my back: the luggage, the bore, the horse, mounting the horse and riding away to the solid grounds. Ty-gy-dyk, ty-gy-dyk, ty-gy-dyk, ty-gy-dyk, ty-gy-dyk, ty-gy-dyk, ty-gy-dyk, ty-gy-dyk.

The sun is shining, the trees are smiling, the bees are singing, the horse is galloping, the clouds are dancing, the waterfalls are sparkling, the birds are playing in the air.

Are you disappointed? Please follow the sign.

Are you happy?  Welcome to my world!

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