Chapter 36: Who wears no underwear and drives a rollercoaster to work?

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– How is your brand doing J? – Coco sounds like driving a car.

– Are you driving a car Coco?

– No I am in a roller coaster in Disney Park Hong Kong. – The screams following her words confirm she is not exaggerating a bit. And no, I am not going to ask why she is calling from a roller coaster. If it was up to Coco, she would drive a rollercoaster to work.

– I am much further on my projects. I have not started on the bra yet, but the tights are fully prototyped.

I wait until the next scream round subsides.

– You know Coco, some people recommend me to add a pair of underpants to the tights. They say, the underpants are in a higher demand then tights, a commodity so-to-speak, something people are wearing all the time.

– What? Wonder plants? – Coco is screaming.

– Eh? What plants? No! No plants, Coco, underpants!

– What?


– Underpants? Wearing all the time? I don’t.

– What? – I can barely hear her.


– Hahaha, well, YOU don’t have to. But I still do. And lots of other women as well. So anyhow, I decided to add a pair of hot pants to my portfolio as well. – Finally Coco got out of the coaster. I can hear her better.

– Ditch the pants and plants and ants, J! Just focus on your tights! One single core fashion product, remember? AND … Stop taking advice from people who’ve never sold a physical product! Focus! – Coco laughs.

– Ok. – Coco’s energy is contagious. I feel all excited and at the same time very anxious to pop the next question. – Coco?

– Yes, love?

– Do you allow me … eeeh … allow me to use your name as a … as my brand?

– Hahahaha – the short silence is broken. – It sounds almost like a marriage proposal… Well, ah …let me catch my breath… Phh … Oh my God! … Well … ah … Yes! … I do! I do my dear Julia Antufjew!

– Coco, Coco? Can you hear me? – The noise on the other side of the line is hitting the top.

– Register the brand J! I am about to be dropped down one hundred feet! Take care!

I love Coco!

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