Chapter 13: The Yellow and The Blue

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Coco and I seldom meet. Mostly we talk on the phone. Coco left Singapore and moved to Bali in the middle of the last year to learn surfing. She said she became very good at it already. According to the last news Coco is planning a half year motorbike trip through South America one of these days…

I have to say, I envy Coco quite a lot, in a good way, but still. I mean she is running several businesses, travels the world and checks in from all exotic locations while her employees are doing their best to excel for Coco.

I am afraid to leave as long as for a week, thinking everything will fall apart. Coco told me not to worry. She said all this leaving or staying BS has no significance until I go down 60 pounds. “You will be a different person by then. It does not make sense to teach you business excellence now. I better teach the new you 60 pounds later.”- Though Coco yesterday.

Shall I be surprised to see her today at my door step, unannounced?

– I brought you something babe. – Coco is floating into my house with a gentle smile. – She opens her large shoulder bag and hands me two letters in colorful envelopes: one yellow and one blue.

– What is it Coco?

– Open The Yellow One on the day you want to cheat and The Blue One on the day you want to quit.

– On the day I want to cheat whom?

– On the day you want to cheat @ about your calories intake, exercise amount or weight loss.

– Why would I want to cheat? Don’t understand. And what do you mean by quitting?

– The day when you your spirits go down telling you to quit your weight loss journey.

– Great to have you here Coco. Will you stay for a while?

– Yes, my dear J, I’ll stay with you for 48 hours.

Me and Coco are under the same roof and 49 pounds apart.

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