Chapter 21: The Faster Your Change The Lower Your Spirits

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My dear J, you reading these words, means you’ve abandoned your journey. It also means you’ve discovered the second rule of change: the faster your change the lower your spirits.

The further you come – the less progress you see and the more tempting it is to quit.

The days you want to quit the most – are the days of a break through. Your ego knows it and tries its best to stop you.

Yourself are your greatest saboteur.

The last mile to the top of the mount is the hardest one. Take a break, get your strength together and move on.

This is not even a mount you are climbing right now. You are mastering your first hill.

The mountain range is ahead of you. And even though the highest top is yet out of your sight, be impeccable and move. Don’t think of the top, think of the next step, next dawn, next breakfast.

The spirit, who left the valley, has only one way to go – up.

Love, Coco.

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