– Kuai di! You ren ma? (Express Delivery! Anybody home?)

– Deng yi xia. Wo lai! (Wait a minute. On my way!)

The dark green EMS express delivery car is almost invisible through the thick wall of swirling morning fog. “He is early.” – runs through my head. “Why is he so early?”

– Xie xie shi fu. (Thank you Sir.) – I sign the wet delivery slip with a clumsy A. The pen is slippery and ink is running. – Wo de kuai di ne? (And my parcel?).

– Zher. (Here you are.) – He hands over a black paper box with, weird enough, no writing on it. How is it even possible? It has to have an address. How else would he be able to deliver it? I look up, but there is no one to ask. Just the fog, the drizzling rain and the endless rice fields of the Middle Kingdom.

I am confused. Staring at the box. Turning it around. Wait! Here they are, on the rear side – white letters on a black card like a swarm of tiny hungry birds staring at me:

You are a Queen.

A Queen in exile.

You have been told you are not 

To rule the land,

Proudly carrying your crown.

To be your True Self.

You believed and stepped down.

But your Queendom still longs

For your gentle heart,

For your gracious hand,

For your fearless sword.

It’s time to return! 

To make your Queendom your own!

To embrace your True Self!

Get fit and claim back your Crown!


What is it?! Who is it from?! I tear the box open and see … a Crown!!!

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