Chapter 53: Perfect Tights testing results my 9 colleagues.

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My colleagues are great. They have been wearing Perfect Tights for 10 hours a day and during exercise for full two weeks. On the top of that they have been jumping rope 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week for full two weeks.

I figured that wearing Perfect Tights the whole day long and during daily exercise (!) accelerates slimming down a lot. For comparison: in the past tests losing 7 pounds took me 12 weeks without wearing the Perfect Tights (I did not have them yet) and 2 weeks while wearing them.

I have to say – all my colleagues are not really overweight. I am by far the heaviest one among them 🙂 For my female colleagues with average body weight 142 pounds hip went down 2/3”, thigh circumference went down 1”, and waist went down 1”.

Even the skinniest among us (average body weight 116 pounds) got trimmed! Hip, thigh and waist minus 1/3” 🙂 None of my colleagues have been logging their food. It means they have been eating in the same way they always do. The only difference was wearing our Perfect Tights the whole day long and jumping rope two and half hours per week.

I have not been filming my tests yet, just logging them on paper. Coco was literally laughing at me and highly recommended me to start filming instead of talking the talk. [Sigh] I may as well start filming!

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