Chapter 101: Weight Loss Shark Way.

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There are stories told by sea cave divers about going down up to the limit, breathing technical mix, slipping through narrow cave passages into the arms of the fear-induced near death experience; landing in the cave-belly full of sharks. White beasts with eyes open, gaping mouths all around. Few long seconds after saying good-buy to their life divers understand that sharks are … sleeping.

In the depth of the sea there are caves. Water runs through those caves in a strong current. This is the only place where white sharks can rest. Strong current rushes through shark’s gills and keeps it alive while motionless.

I did not know until short while ago that white sharks can’t breathe once they stop moving. They have to move in order to stay alive. Sounds very familiar in a way.

When embarking on a weight loss journey we often ask when we will be done. When can we stop? The answer is … never. Or shall I say until we find a suitable cave, whatever this metaphor may mean.

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