Chapter 102: All ideas are taken in (t)his universe

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She, he and I were sitting around some table having some dinner once. The he-person, a grown up man in his late thirties was looking into my eyes with his own full of purpose saying that all ideas in the world are already taken. All of them! Not a single one, not even the shabbiest one is left.

– Do you understand? – He was on the verge of screaming – You listen very carefully here! Can you grasp the depth of the problem in this universe? All ideas, and when I say all, I mean ALL! And when I say ideas – I mean IDEAS! And when I say are taken, I mean ARE TAKEN!!! Not one single lousy idea is left. Nothing is left there! And I mean nothing is left. Nothing is left you know?

She was taking notes in her little diary. She always took notes when he was speaking. I did not want to appear impolite. So I took a notebook out of my purse and started writing down in neat block letters: ALL IDEAS ARE TAKEN IN THIS UNIVERSE. AND WHEN I SAY THIS – I MEAN HIS.

I took my pen down and sipped on my tea. It was Sunday afternoon, middle in the spring.

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