Chapter 111: How is groceries shopping same as losing weight?

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– How to make sure I do achieve my fitness goals Coco?

– The best way to get something done is probably to keep working on it until it is done, babe J.

– You are joking right? I know that! This statement is so basic – it hurts the ear.

– This is how you will achieve your fitness goals J, by following your Queen’s Quest until the enemy is fully and completely defeated, until your land is your own, until you’ve claimed back your crown.  And you will not stop until you are done. As simple and easy as that.

– Simple – yes, but easy?

– You are already following this algorithm successfully on the daily basis. I will give you an example. Imagine you are out of food. What do you do?

– This is a weird question. I go to a supermarket and buy some food.

– Ok. Good. Imagine the following picture: you need to buy food, you drive to the store, and you fill the shopping cart with everything you need. Thereafter you get frustrated about not having any food at home, leave the cart in the middle of the store, and drive home suffering acute failure syndrome. And for the whole night following the incident and many other nights, days and years in a row you are questioning yourself “why does it always happen to me?”.

– What does it have to do with me achieving my fitness goals?

– Everything my dear. Losing weight takes same focus and persistence as getting your groceries home from the store. It just takes a little bit more time. Capisce ?

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