Large room full of people was vibrating with aspiration. Aspiration for a better life, seven or better eight figure income, aspiration for recognition, success, aspiration for belonging, friendship, love. All aspirations carrying a subtle undertone of emotional pain caused by delayed gratification – a thorn-embellished tiara worn by most entrepreneurs for a certain period of time, for a long time guys, for a very long time…

Few, who officially “have made it” where known by name and stories about their “twenty years overnight success” were circulating within the group. Those who “have not made it yet” were introducing themselves to those who “have made it” and this introduction felt like a right of passage. It felt great receiving such a right.

She was there, in the front row, vibrating along with 160 other souls, writing down words and full sentences, sketching diagrams and having aha experiences. And just behind her, to the right there he was – the Angel in Shades.

– Nice Shades. – She said to the Angel in Shades.

– Thank you. No, I am not trying to play cool. I am allergic to light. A paradox I learned to live with. Don’t worry about your words and sentences, don’t worry about the diagrams. I will help you.

– Why? – This was a stupid question to ask. May be she actually did not ask it at all. Nevertheless he answered:

– Because you are my sister and I love you.

This is the story about how she met her Angel in Shades who taught her that love is The Only Reason, The Reason Enough and The Single Force.

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