Chapter 141: Jumping Makes You Ehmm…. Taller!!!

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Jumping makes you taller.

“Yeah, right”, – I thought while jumping.

Until I have been measured … recently… and you will not believe it!

I keep measuring my height several times a day ever since 🙂

So let’s go back to my monologue:

“Yeah, right”, – I thought while jumping,

“You can’t fool me!” – I thought and jumped some more.

“Younger? – Yes!”

“Skinny? – Yes!”

“But Taller? Come on! Give me a break!”

And I jumped some more… and a little bit more…

And I jumped into my annual medical routine check up.

Somewhere in-between last check up and next rope jumping routine my 5 feet 4 inches became legendary 5 feet 5”!!!

I don’t know what you are doing right now – but I am jumping around the place – this is how happy I am!

Have I corrected my height in Loseit already?

You bet I did!

Did you know that people above 5 feet 5 inches are officially considered tall in China!

OMG! I tall! I am tall!

Let’s jump some more 🙂

P.S. I am not kidding, ok!

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