Let me tell you about Fear.
You will meet quite some people and read a lot of books
telling the world that Fear is not a bad thing.
In fact, Fear may as well be a great basic instinct
with single noble purpose to keep you safe.

Like, I am afraid of bungee jumping.
So this Fear of mine is keeping me away from the gaping abyss…
And this is great because apparently half percent of all bungee jumpers
get injured in one way or another.
That’s why Fear keeping us out of trouble is good.

Bullshit. ~ The single real purpose of Fear is to destroy us!

Fear is protecting me from bungee jumping.
Do you know what else is Fear protecting me from?

I used to be constantly terrified about my future, about my finances,
and most impertinently and constantly about what other people might or might not think of or say about me!

Being a public person, a creator,
I found myself in a state of constant suffering.
How was such suffering good for me?
How is such suffering good for you?

I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid of doing things.
I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid of missing out because of not doing those things.
How was such Fear good for me?
How is such Fear good for you?

And guess what?
There is a place with no fear.

You might be surprised but there is a place of no fear and
this place is closer than anyone would ever imagine.
We arrive in this place once we are powered up.

How do I know?
I know because every shaman apprentice
eventually experiences the place of no fear.
A place of total clarity, a place free of doubt, fear free.
This is not a spiritual experience.
This is a real physical experience.

The moment that you are all powered up – fear and doubt disappear.

What does it mean to be powered up?
It means that your energy body is in proper balance and full flow.

When you are all powered up
you feel endless courage in calmness, happiness and peace.
You want to laugh.
You want to embrace the world.
You want to help everybody.
You are like a plate full of delicious food ready to share and never getting empty.

At the moment that you are all powered up – Fear leaves and Love enters.
Because Fear is known to occupy the space – where otherwise Love would reside!

And my goodness, when Love enters – it is simply mind blowing!

We all have a dream which changes us, at least once.

And I want to share my dream with you.
I went to sleep feeling afraid.
There was something silly happening in my daily routine.
And I went into this dream suffering.

In my dream I’ve visited a place of tremendous beauty and simplicity.
A world with a pink endless sea and a pink endless sky,
trimmed with a precious lace of light golden shimmer.

In my dream I felt unconditionally in love with another human being,
While at the same time being loved back unconditionally.

Unconditional love is difficult to describe in words,
As for any description lacks every depth.

Unconditional love has to be felt.
Unconditional love is a right of passage.

Once enveloped into this love, dissolved in it,
Out of a sudden I knew on a cellular level that
I am worthy of all the happiness in the world, of all the success in the world, of all the love in the world.

“Love is amazing”, – I thought. “And we have not even scratched the surface. It is a tremendous power, a power which makes the very existence of fear obsolete. Not impossible – but obsolete!”

“Before and After”, – I thought. “Before I was afraid. Today I am loved unconditionally. Today I am unconditionally in love!”

“Love, we mostly know”, – I thought, – “is a little guess in comparison to this unconditional all-present knowledge of being a gorgeous, happy, loved and blessed human being.”

I carry this feeling with me ever since.
This dream did change me.
From the shamanic perspective this dream did power me up
and showed me the place of no fear,
showed me that fear is not a useful basic instinct, but a parasite occupying space of our greatness.

And if a random girl like me, from a random place
is worth it to be loved unconditionally,
to be loved in the way I’ve experienced in my dream-
Than everybody is! Everybody is! 

Being powered up, does not mean that you start making risky decisions.
It does not mean that out of a sudden I start serial bungee jumping career.
I still won’t go bungee jumping because the chance of being injured is high.
But it is not fear making me decide this way.
It is not fear telling me: Don’t jump.
I am making this decision from the inner fearlessness, calmness and peace.
And while deciding not to bungee jump I laugh,
because this is how I feel.
I feel like laughing!

Being fearless is not about doing stupid things.
It is not about daring to drink and drive.
It is not about daring to put your life or life of other people in danger.
It is about making decisions from the calm peaceful place.

You don’t doubt things for a second, because doubt is gone too.
Once you are powered up – there is no fear. There is just no fear.

And how do you get powered up?
It is much easier than you think it is…

The simplest way to get powered up is to start exercising.
Every day. 30 minutes a day.

Walking, swimming, running, trampoline jumping, yoga, dancing.
May be you are like me and you feel like jumping?
Grab a jumping rope and join me for a daily 30 minutes jumping workout.

And 23 days later a miracle will happen.
23 days later your body will take over.
23 days later your body will tell you that you should change your eating habits.

You will stop eating processed junk,
because 23 days later you are powered up to a level which allows you to make great healthy food choices.

And it is not about weight management. I am not talking about weight loss here.
It is all about experiencing your own healthy, fearless, powered up greatness.
Body weight reduction is merely a side effect of stepping into your power.

This is incredible.
And it does not end there.
And it all brings you to the place with no fear.
Just grab this jumping rope and take it one day at a time,
every day for 23 days long and beyond!

And you will learn first hand “Where fear leaves – love enters!”.
And most importantly – I will hear you laughing, fearlessly!


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