Chapter 186: Where I am reminding myself metaphorically not to do stuff which is not my FIRE…

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Are you familiar with the theory of a bottle neck?

In a nutshell: at any point in time there is only one single bottle neck.

Bottle neck = Problem.

In other worlds: At any point in time you, me, this guy, this girl, anyone have only one single problem. Never two.

How so?

There is always one problem, which if left unsolved makes all other problems obsolete.

You wake up in the morning, too late for an important meeting, very hungry and your house is on fire.

How many problems do you have?

Three? Too late, hungry, fire? Really? NO! ONE! Your freaking house is on fire.

A question: What is your FIRE?

And not less important one: What is my freaking fire? How about to stop attending to the needs of people who don’t recognize that I have never been and never will be their fire! 🙂

Now it is said! And please yell at me shall I spend another second writing about it!

P.S. For start up readers. Your single most important fire is SALES. Always. Fix it 🙂

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