Chapter 187: I feel as if it was impossible to fail…

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Are you a gamer? I used to be. Actually I still am. Though my games went from Playstation realm into the realm the mutual agreement defines as real. No, I am not talking casino or card games. I am playing life changing reality games in the Middle World.

In my Playstation times I used to play every day for hours. The game space worlds mesmerized me (they still do). While holding the joystick – I was not the outside observer! I was all immersed! I was fully merged with my hero – the cool magician adventurer girl knowing her stuff. (Actually not much changed since then, just the game play realms). You may start talking about how much a waste of time it is. And I do agree – it is a huge waste of your time to think that. 🙂

Anyway, every gamer will understand what these words mean: “Unlimited lives and unlimited ammo”. In other words – a free pass to act as if it was impossible to fail! I invite all of you, my readers to crack the code to unlimited lives and unlimited ammo. I invite all of you to start feeling as if it was impossible to fail! 

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