Chapter 188: Surrender to your Inner Genius! And few words about sex…

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– You know J, a woman does truly enjoy her partner sexually when she totally surrenders to the flow of being, feeling and doing, rather than thinking about her looks, hiding her massive thighs, keeping her hair on a certain side of the bed. I am not even talking about keeping her head empty of daily scheduling and planning, leave along checking FB timeline while having sex.

– What? What’s the deal with the subject, Coco? I mean, I know what you are talking about and I understand the topic, but why would you bring it up? Why … like now?

– Because letting yourself go with your partner, surrendering to the flow of being, feeling and doing is something you may have experienced and may be, you are able to draw upon this experience.

– Draw what? What for?

– The feeling of not giving a shit about how your body looks like, how your face looks like, what sounds you are producing, just fully surrendering to being, feeling and doing.

– And why is this feeling so important out of a sudden?

Because this is exactly how it feels when you start following the path you your heart. In order to follow the path of your heart, eventually, you need to fully surrender to this path, immersing yourself into the being, feeling and doing. You have to surrender to your inner genius! Only then will you start doing things which “make your heart sing and make your mind rub its hands in anticipation” – like one of my dear friends loves to say.

Only in the moment when I’ve accepted my own imperfections, J, have I become really free in my creation. Once you surrender, once you drop all your shields of protection, the message and the intent of your work becomes so powerful that it really does not matter weather the next video is done wearing makeup or not, having a proper back drop or not, wearing short sleeve just to look better on camera or wearing some weird Shanghai Eskimo outfit. Out of a sudden nothing matters but being, feeling and doing! Surrender to your Inner Genius! Be! Feel! Do!

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