Chapter 194: What used to be size 8 in 1971 is a Double Zero Now!

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Have been cross checking size tables used in our company with the ASTM standards and found this article in Wikipedia. 
Three size tables, three different years: 1971, 2001 and 2011.
Size 8 waist in 1971: 23½ inch
Size 8 waist in 2001: 27 inch
Size 8 waist in 2011: 29½ inch

US confection waist sizes went up 6 inch in the past 40 years.

And it gets even better: what we used to call Size 8 – is a Double Zero now!

Is this because our bones are getting heavier?

Or is there another more obvious and real reason?

1 additional inch on the waist line stands for ca. 5 pounds of extra weight.

30 extra pounds!

I do not say it often – but, o boy, am I in shock!

We should stop eating garbage! Like NOW!

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