Chapter 195: Getting fit is not about losing weight… What is it really about?

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There was a day when I wasn’t fit.

I have not practiced any self-care for at least 5 years.

Instead I’ve been working 16 – 18 hours a day in our factory, manufacturing garments for new fashion designers.

One day I ‘woke up’ and did not recognise myself. Still young, still crazy, but a different person in the mirror.

Without even noticing I’ve gained 60 pounds of excess weight and hated my guts.

What exactly did I hate? My own looks obviously. But my own looks, no matter how bad, did not make me scream of helplessness.

Something else did.

There was something else that paralyzed me, deprived me of any light.

What do you think it was?

I’ll help you. It was the constant, endless negative monologue running through my head 24/7 telling me in different ways that I am not good enough.

Getting fit is all about saying farewell to this inner voice.

Losing weight is just a side effect.

If you can relate to it, please share your experiences with me in the comments.

If you are still dealing with this voice, please let me know.

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