Chapter 196: We mostly do not believe in luck…

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I am mesmerized by winning.
Not driven by it. Not freaking out about it.
Mesmerized is the right word.

Winning something unexpected is like an invisible kiss by the Universe.
It reminds us that any limitations we live with – are self imposed.
It opens a door to the real world of endless luck.

I’ve learned – that we mostly do not believe in luck.
From 100 people blessed with an unexpected opportunity – 41 won’t even notice.
Another 46 will notice, but won’t believe it and therefore won’t act upon it.
Only 17 will take action.

Imagine 100 people who would love to get healthy.
If a great opportunity to step into their health came along, and it would present itself to this group of 100, only 17 out of 100 would follow up on this opportunity.

We do believe that luck is a bird we have to chaise.
The true part of this believe is that luck behaves like a bird indeed.
But it is more like a bird who wants to sit on our shoulder all day long – while we, in our turn, are chasing it away by wildly running around in a blind believe that luck is a bird which needs to be chased.

Luck is a bird which has to be accepted, given a place on our shoulder, fed and cared for.

Nice. I have two shoulders! And I also do not mind the third bird of luck sitting on the top of my head! 🙂

Much love, Julia

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