Chapter 197: A Life Transforming Paper Game…

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Did you ever play a fashion paper game?
Like this one?
Paper Doll with Set of Clothes
I did! And my game was way much bigger 🙂
Did you?
Did you like it?

I loved it.
In fact – I loved it so much – that we were designing and drawing our own creations for the paper dolls.

[Funny that me being a fashion inventor and manufacturer is still considered a coincidence among our family members. :-D]

Back to the Fashion Paper game.
I’ve got an even better paper game for you.
A game so powerful that you may as well lose few dress sizes playing it.
Maestro, music!
Light assistants – the lights!
I am glad to introduce to you The Dinner Paper Game!

How does it work?
It works in mysterious ways.
STEP 1: Print out the picture below.

Healthy food groups.

STEP 2: Carefully cut out each and every doodle.

Put the doodles into a nice little tin box, paper box, or any other box.

STEP 4: Twice per week in the evening set your dinner table, pull out the box and play the Dinner Paper Game instead of … well instead of having a dinner! 😀

I have to be a little bit more serious here.
What I mean is – you play with the food doodles, putting them on your table as if you are going to eat them for dinner, instead of having a dinner.

But please, do not eat the doodles!
This is the key part to success.
Do not eat the doodles! Just play with them.

Now for real. Cause we are all serious people here.
So. No matter what you do – DO NOT EAT THE PAPER DOODLES!

I could not stop myself from trying to be funny.
Don’t give up on reading just yet!
Once you hear my next sentence – all puzzle pieces will fall in place and you may even say:
I knew it! (I like saying ‘I knew it!’ Don’t you?)

I don’t know what’s’ going on here.
This little happy clown inside of me can’t stop joking around.
Let me grab her by her left sock and show her who is here the boss!

Ok. Ok. Ok.
Another name for the Dinner Paper Game is INTERMITTENT FASTING!
The Dinner Paper Game is a fun handle for the Intermittent Fasting Protocol.

Intermittent Fasting is an important ally we summon in the Battle THREE of my secret online fitness game, called Queen’s Quest.

Here is the game:
1) 1 to 2 fast days per week. Not more. I mean it.

2) Follow the 8/16 protocol: eight hours of food intake period followed by 16 hours of  fasting. For me most effective was the following schedule: Breakfast at 8-9 am, lunch at 1 pm, followed by fasting period till the next morning. I’ve experienced 1 lbs weight reduction each and every time. Wearing Perfect Tights for 6 to 10 hours a day makes following 8/16 fasting protocol easy as for Perfect Tights mildly suppress appetite.

3) Drink plenty of water during your fast hours.  Do not drink any other beverages but water please.

The protocol is quite simple. Try it out and let me know how does it work for you.

Much love,
Baby J (The Perfect Queen)

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