Chapter 203: You will never ‘get hold’ of things, because you don’t need to…

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I often hear it from my fitness queens: ‘I just can’t get hold of my fitness routine.’

What my students believe to be a challenge, is actually a status quo of our life. The truth is we will never ‘get hold’ of things, because … because we don’t need to 😀

In the world where everything is changing each and every second, how does it come that we still do believe in ‘getting hold’, in existence of some perfect routine for everything?

Imagine you are trying to ‘get hold’ of your daily fitness routine. Imagine you’ve figured out that going for a morning walk with your dog is a great opportunity for a run. Great! Very soon your perfect routine is established, until one day in January your dog refuses to go further than 200 yards from the house. (True story. Happened to me.)

dog refuses to goHere it goes – your perfect fitness routine. Does it mean you failed at ‘getting hold’ of running? No. It means just can not combine dog walking and running anymore.

Ok. Great. Instead of running while walking your dog – you shift your running hour to the lunch break at work. Great! You are running again. The perfect routine is established. Until one day in May [what is wrong with this weather!] temperature outside rises to 100 F.

temperature past 100 yearsHoppa! Who can run in such a heat? Does it mean you failed again? No. It means you have to grab a jumping rope and jump during the lunch break in the reception area or any other indoor place allowing you to jump. [Hint: Toilet is a great place. People are sleeping in the toilet during the lunch break. So why not jumping rope?]

Does it ever end? No. It never ends. It is as endless as your creativity.

Routine in our life is an illusion.
Everything changes each and every day, each and every month, every season, every year.

There is no routine, as for there is no past and no future, but only this one single moment you are living in NOW. And in this one single moment, among other interesting tasks and puzzles, you have a task to exercise, for the benefit of your body and your spirit. And you figure it out anew each and every day.

One day you may exercise while walking your dog. Another day – during the lunch break. One day you may go for a run. Another day you will jump rope. Then you will get even more creative, combining exercise with each and every activity: training abs while watching Netflix, stretching splits while blogging (I do it), running while talking on the phone to a friend, squatting while brushing your teeth, balancing on the yoga ball while doing computer work.

There is no routine in anything. Everything changes and this is the miracle we are allowed to experience! 

Much love,
Baby J (The Perfect Queen)

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