Chapter 204: My dream number two. An up-date.

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Those of you, my readers, who have been with me from the very beginning may remember my dream number two.

Dream number two is anything we aspire besides the weight loss.

The purpose of the dream number two is to take obsession away from the weight loss towards the dream numbers two. Weight loss goes smoother in this way. You just do whatever you have to do, without over-analyzing your progress.

Dream number two removes excess potential from our weight loss goal.

Excess potential is a type of energy which does not allow us to get things done. You’ve experienced it many times already: when you want something badly, obsessing about it – you do not get it. When you want something, while acting upon it without obsessing about it – it kind of falls into your lap. Do you have experience like that? Post in the comments!

Anyway. Coco told me early enough – if I want to get stuff done – I have to ‘want without wanting, forget without forgetting’. 

To be able to do so – we need two goals, shifting our excess potential from one to another, instead of simply obsessing about the single one.

My goal number two is financial independence.

When I’ve started on my weight loss journey – my life was a mess. Our largest customer went nuts and run off with huge amount of my money, causing bankruptcy of the company I was running at that time.

The debt was large. I was scared and very tired. I did not know what to do, at all.

My ex-business partner got scared, decided not to participate and advised me to clean up everything myself.

And I did. I did clean everything up. It was difficult, but I had my husband at my side, Coco, my family, my friends and my mentors. We did it.

Being in a difficult financial situation at the beginning of the Battle ONE – I’ve set my second goal to be financial freedom.

Today in the Battle FOUR, 30 pounds younger – I run a healthy Co with a great team. (All the blessings to everyone involved!)

There are still steps to be taken towards the true financial freedom as for it implies passive income sufficient to sustain a good life for a lifetime. So in my Battle FOUR I still follow the second goal of financial freedom.

Two days ago Coco called and told me that I am ready for a bigger step. “I want you to start asking yourself bigger questions”, – she said. You are ready. And I’ve asked myself  this one big question. And as if the universe has been waiting for me asking it – the answers started popping in, every day, bit by bit, one after another.

What is your dream number two? Let me know in the comments!

If you don’t have your dream number two yet – think about it today! We all need our dream number two. Why is it called dream number two? Because dream number one is ALWAYS Health!

Much love,
Baby J (The Perfect Queen)

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