– Came back at last? – my neighbor greeted me, while storing away her recyclable garbage.

– Visiting. – Though me, before I could even think. My neighbor’s question hurt my ego, this old part of me which has been sent to a small town in East Germany, against her will, more than two decades ago. The one, who would never come back. 

‘Funny reaction of mine’ – I thought. As for the person, who left here 20 years ago, was not me. The person who left was heavily dependent on and defined by her surroundings, the place and people around her. The person who left was disconnected from her ancestors, was disconnected from the Spirit of her Homeland and could not feel well in the Space of No Roots.

My neighbor is right. Someone did come back at last. Someone who defines the place she is in. Some one who is deep in love with the Land of Her Roots, answering the call of her ancestors. Someone who is neither defined by nor dependent on her surroundings, people, places, even worlds. Someone full of joy, living the wild dance of the steady growing personal power.

Join my Game and find your True Self.

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