Chapter 212: Big Questions.

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My dear Coco, something unexpected happened.

The Nasty-It-Not-Good-Enough left.

My fear of exposure, fear of being judged – left.

I’ve spent years contemplating how would it feel once it’s gone.

Now I know. It feels … fearless! 🙂

You have always pushed me to ask queen’s questions, questions of a great impact as opposed to quick-sand questions, where nothing can be build upon.

Here are my first two Queen’s Questions:

1) Please help me to inspire Oprah Winfrey to write a foreword to our first book: Coco Tomātl and the Queen in Exile. The story of a girl who was not good enough until she became fit, fearless and free.

2) Please help me to inspire 100 thousand women to claim back their crown, join our Queen’s Quest movement, wear Perfect Tights, get fit, fearless and free.

I have few more questions, but let’s start with these two.


Baby J, (The Perfect Queen)

P.S. “Queen’s Questions always start with ‘please help me’, rather than how to… Why? Because no Queen can succeed on her own.” – Coco Tomātl

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