Chapter 211: Children of passion are effortless…

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I invite you today to question the concept of ‘working hard’. Not sure what you’ve learned, but I’ve certainly been taught that working hard is the single way to achieve success.

In the past I’ve always been working a lot, taking up all possible projects, running heavy overtime, working really hard. And if you would ask me what for, I would have no answer.

If 10 years of entrepreneurship has taught me anything – it would be that working hard results in no success but in a total burn out.

Success is a child of passion. When we are passionate about something – we do not experience it as ‘hard work’, but as a flow.

Hard work kills horses, literally. And if it does not kill them – it makes them fat.

Passion creates worlds. Now that you have a big chunk of your personal power back – I invite you to question the common ‘hard work’ mantra and to go for your ‘child of passion’.

The best things in life are easy. The best things in life are children of passion and are effortless…

Much love,
Baby J (The Perfect Queen)

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