Chapter 220: A letter from the past…

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You have  a dream.

You even have started acting upon it.

You may quit on your dream.

Most people do.

I want you to press on.

I want you to never quit.

Please take a blue envelope and a white piece of paper and write a letter to yourself.

While writing – pretend that you are writing this letter to your best friend, using your best words to convince your friend not to quit on her or his dream.

Seal this letter into The Blue Envelope.

Open The Blue Envelope on the day you want to quit!

Read it!

Keep going!!!

I promise – you will cry, all covered in goosebumps, realizing that you CAN NOT GIVE UP ON THIS PERSON FROM THE PAST WHO HAS SUCH A BLIND BELIEVE IN YOU! 

Write this letter NOW!

Much love,
Baby J

P.S. While writing this post I’ve made a commitment to set up a website with hundreds and thousands Blue Envelopes from you. I want you to write your best letter to future you persuading your future self not to quit.

I will make all these letters available on my website to people who are in the Deep Pain of Failure and need help of the Blue Envelope to keep pursuing their dream.

With one click people will get access to one of the Blue Envelopes stored on our site. Not only will your Blue Envelope save your own dream. It will save dreams of thousands of people! Write this letter today! Send it to me to

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