Chapter 219: How does a top business analyst, a Fashion Factory owner becomes a Baby J?

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How does Julia Antufjew, a top business analyst at a fortune 500 company, a Fashion Factory owner becomes a Baby J? Becomes a Perfect Queen?

To start with I am still a factory owner, and my analytical superpowers got even stronger in the past 12 years of being an entrepreneur.

I am running a factory manufacturing bestselling core fashion products for entrepreneurs.

What is a core fashion product?

It is an fashion invention that solves a well defined customers’ need and changes peoples’ lives. Shopify dropshipping family calls it a driver.

I manufacture top quality fashion inventions, top quality drivers.

I believe that everyone of us has a fashion invention hidden deep in our heart.

I am a midwife of fashion inventions. I help you to give birth to yours and to raise so to speak, to manufacture it.

However at the same time I am Baby J, the stubborn and slow learning student of my dearest friend and greatest mentor Coco Tomātl, inventor of the life-changing energy booster Perfect Tights®, a girl who was not good enough until she became fit fearless and free!

I am not a baby, look at me. But Coco keeps calling me that and that’s fine. She is allowed.

If Coco choses to call you a Baby, you better accept and be happy. It is a very rare blessing to be able to talk to her.

But how did it all start? It all started on one sunny day (it may as well be a rainy day) when I woke up and did not recognize myself in the mirror.

Still young, still crazy, but a different person in the mirror: old, exhausted, overweight with a non-stop self hate monologue running through my head.

“Loser, loser, loser, loser, fat loser, ugly loser.” This self talk was extremely hateful.

You see, I am a fashion entrepreneur for the past 12 years. 12 years is a long time. In China it is very symbolic, as for in 12 years you go through the full Chinese Zodiac.

Lot’s can happen in 12 years. What happened to me? I’ve became a fashion professional and I’ve worked myself into oblivion.

In the rat race for success I’ve almost destroyed everything that is precious.

I’ve stopped talking to friends, I’ve stopped visiting relatives, I’ve stopped paying my own salary, investing everything into business, I’ve stopped eating healthy, binging on any cheap and convenient junk, I’ve stopped exercising, to relieve stress I would drink a lot of beer and smoke non-stop as a chimney, and I was fighting with my boyfriend whenever I had a free minute.

I would spend my whole time at the factory developing new fashion collections, draping, making patterns, developing technology, making samples, fitting, talking to clients, producing bulk, hiring and training new staff, purchasing new machines, you name it. 112 hours a week…

I thought if I run fast enough, the success will come, business will grow.

And it did, but somehow everything we’ve earned in times of growth, we would lose due to factory down times caused by production delays couple of months later.

No wonder that one day I woke up, and did not recognise myself in the mirror.

I knew – my business has to change. I knew I had to change.

I wanted to look same way I looked before.

I wanted to have a loving relationship with my boyfriend again.

I wanted to start a family.

I wanted to get paid for a change.

But how? It is extremely difficult to have any clarity if your body and spirit are run down like an old circus horse.

Desperate I was trying to quit smoking, ditch the beers, start exercising, stop eating addictive junk.

Did not work. You see, when you have no energy – nothing works.

This was the time when Coco Tomātl entered the life of Baby J.

She told me: “Chill down Baby J because Victory is Inevitable!”

She called me a Queen in Exile.


You are a queen, – she said, – a queen in exile.

You have been told you are not worthwhile

To rule your own proudly carrying your crown

To be your true self.

You believed and stepped down.

But your queendom still longs for your gentle heart.

For your gracious hand, for your fearless sword,

It’s time to return, to make your queendom your own,

To embrace your True Self and to claim back your crown!

That’s how Baby J (also known as Julia Antufjew) embarked on her Queen’s Quest to claim back her crown, get fit fearless and free.

To be continued…

Much love,

Baby J (The Perfect Queen) Crown-crown-wearable

Perfect Tights by Coco Tomatl Special Offer Banner 20190607

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