Chapter 218: Drop Those Pounds and Head Will Heal!

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The thing with being overweight – it is just crazy. At age 36 I have written myself off big time. I felt like, ok I am not good looking, but at least I am smart. The thing with being smart is – it does not show in the mirror. Like you can look into the mirror all you want – you will notice no smartness, if you know what I mean.

Another problem was: even being smart – I had to try five times that hard to get people’s attention. This is what apparently happens. If you are overweight, although there is more of you – people actually notice less of you. Isn’t that a paradox?

I know that somebody would say: “This is all in your head”. Such a smart person! Really? You see what happened – I have lost 30 pounds up till now. And guess what? My head is still the same size and as matter of fact the same weight. So I dare to guess that it was not all in my head. But actually it was all over my body.

I lost 6 inches on my waist, 5 inches on my hip, 3.5 inches on each thigh and as a matter of fact – almost nothing on my head. I have a new hypothesis though, for in the case there is something in our head. It goes: Drop those pounds and head will heal!

For me it feels like a wizard of some extraordinary power came in and painted my world in color. I feel young and have so much more energy it is inexplicable.

I fit into my dresses, (and no – I will not stop talking about it, because fashion is a great motivator for a woman), I look good on pictures. I am preparing to run the first Queen’s Quest Fitness Campaign with women from all over the world. We have launched our patent pending fashion product Perfect Tights®. My blog Coco Tomātl gets more and more followers by the day, and I am editing it into a book. I am meeting exciting people and running exciting projects. This is nice. I am grateful and humbled!

30 pounds ago I would not dare. 30 pounds ago I was old and overweight. Now I am young and full of life! You see it is not only about weight. It is about sitting sealed in a dusty box back in the shed of our life as opposed to daring greatly and living fully! And I am truly amazed that 30 pounds weight loss gave me this size of a kick into my butt, kicked me out of the dusty box to the front lines of my live!

If you want to get fit in the same way I did – let me know in the comments. I am launching a life changing fitness game very soon, called Queen’s Quest. This is a true quest for Fitness, Fearlessness and Freedom. If you want to join me – drop the magic word ‘GO!’ in the comments.

Much love,

Baby J, (The Perfect Queen)

PS. Remember: you are a Perfect Queen! Perfect Queen, go!

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