Chapter 221: If a question makes you sick – the answer may heal you…

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Let me ask you this one question:
Have you ever had a feeling that life is like a dream?
And you wake up one day and have no idea why are you here, who you are, why are you doing what you are doing?
If this question is too vague let me ask another one:
Do you live the life you always dreamed of?
Are you feeling the way you want to feel?
When you look into the mirror do you like what you see? Is it you? The person you see in the mirror – is it you? Do you recognize yourself?
Are you practicing self-care? Do you exercise? Is your diet clean?
Do you love your work? Are you doing what you love to do?
Are you pursuing your most crazy cherished dreams?
If you answer is NO to any of these questions – it is time for you to wake up!
Welcome to your first exercise on your journey to the Fit, Fearless and Free!
My life was like a dream. Until one day I woke up and didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. Still young, still crazy, but a different person in the mirror.
In the past 20 years I have gained 60 pounds of excess weight and I didn’t even notice.
I was doing work which I loved initially, but structured in a way that it took all my energy and enslaved me.
I’ve abandoned most of my dreams. Like everything I’ve started my company for – I’ve abandoned.
I’ve stopped going for the great, settling for whatever comes my way. Settling for the road kill as my mentor Russell Brunson would say.
I was working 24/7. I have not seen my family in years. They were living in Germany. I was living in Shanghai.
I was not happy.
And I stopped doing all those things I loved; all those things which made me fly.
I’ve stopped designing fashion, I’ve stopped inventing fashion, I’ve stopped dancing, I’ve stopped singing, I’ve stopped writing, I’ve stopped dreaming, I’ve stopped exercising, I’ve stopped eating healthy, I’ve stopped practicing any self-care.
I was just pulling the plow like an abused workhorse day in day out.
Such changes do not happen overnight. It takes years.
How is it possible that we do not notice them?
For me the only explanation is that we are not awake. That we do go through our life asleep.
This day, when didn’t recognize myself in the mirror was my wakeup call day.
And I woke up and I changed my life.
I quit smoking. I quit drinking. I fired all clients that did not appreciate me and focused on clients who were a blessing to work with.
I slimmed down 30 pounds and started loving myself again. I started exercising, I cleaned up my diet, I joined a mastermind of like-minded entrepreneurs and learned, and learned and learned…
I started writing, I started inventing fashion, I started teaching, I started dancing, I started singing, I got married, I went back to Germany to spend time with my family. I started making new friends again! What a blessing!
So today I dare you to look into the mirror and to be honest with yourself. It is you? The person you see in the mirror? Do you recognize yourself?
Are you feeling the way you want to feel? Are you practicing self care?
Do you love your work? Are you doing what you love to do?
Are you pursuing your most crazy cherished dreams? Or have you settled for the road kill?
Answer those questions to start your journey. Remember, if a questions makes you sick – the answer may heal you.
Today is your chance to wake up and to stay awake. To start owning everything you’ve done to yourself so far and to set the first step on the path to your True Self. To stop fooling yourself and to start living. Awake. Aware.
Stay tuned for the next chapter where you learn the reason why you are not pursuing your most crazy cherished dreams yet.
My name is Julia Antufjew. I am a Fashion Inventor and a Fitness Enthusiast, and most importantly I am your adventurous guide on this journey.
The path to your True Self is of ever-surprising nature. It is a rabbit hole, full of thrilling adventure… Are you ready for yours? Here is your horse, here is your sword. Give me your hand and let’s go!

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