Chapter 223: About the true meaning of customer service and four pets safe home…

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Yesterday I’ve remembered or may be even learned for the first time what a great customer service means. ❗❗❗

My ticket to Shanghai, China is booked for the 10th of February. After elaborated conversation with our Shanghai Quantumfactory team we have decided that it will be safer for all of us if I postpone my trip by four weeks at least.

Even though ticket is purchased in China, I call the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines hotline in Germany and inquire for my flight date to be postponed by four weeks.

The customer service lady on the other side of the line changes the flight date within two to three minutes, and friendly informs me that no rebooking fee will be charged due to current special health situation in the world. 💗

I love KLM. This is the standard I want our customer service to reach! Clean, clear, fast, friendly, exceeding expectations.

This is my second great experience with Royal Dutch Airlines. The first one was two years ago when my husband and I have moved our four pets, one cat and three dogs from China to Germany.

It was a scary time. We’ve decided to start moving towards Germany. My husband and all pets went first.

The time was scary because 1) We were very tight on cash, still recovering from the hits of the past; and the export procedure for 4 animals was very expensive. 2) Lots of people around me were telling me to simply leave our pets in China, give them away or even worse … well you know what, I will not even say it outloud.

One day after a phone call with a family member I went to the hospital feeling like I am dying, physically unable to process their “kind” animal disposal suggestions.

For us it was always clear: animals go with us, or we stay. After a ton of vet tests, documents, chip implants, this wild preparation dance came to an end and my husband could go.

The last worry we had was how our pets are going to survive in the cargo space on the plane. I was terrified and under extreme pressure.

This is when the Shanghai pet rescue community (extremely strong and warm-hearted community, God bless every one of them!) told us that by all means we should fly KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, being the most animal friendly airline in the world.

Thank you KLM for bringing our four little family members safe to their new home in Germany! Thank you that we can fly on your soothing-blue planes! 💗💗💗

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