Chapter 224: “The only pair of tights in the world that makes my butt look 25 again!”

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“The title? 😊 I didn’t make it up. Meja said that.

She’s been testing Perfect Tights® for the past year.

Lately, we’ve spoken on Whatsapp and these are her exact words:

“I love Perfect Tights! It is the only pair of tights in the world that makes my butt look 25 again!” 

And she is right. Perfect Tights® is perfect. I’ve put my heart 💖 into its development.

Product Perfect Tights® by Coco Tomātl® is a result of four years elaborated research, development and testing of:

1️⃣ the perfect fit,
2️⃣ longevity
3️⃣ and energizing functions of the product.

The Motivation and Perfection
Perfect Tights® by Coco Tomātl® is a wearable energizer for women who would love to beat fatigue, have more energy in life and turn their fitness program to success.

My key motivator as inventor was to create a legwear giving women a perfect legs experience no matter the weather, no matter the circumstance, no matter the age, no matter the size.

The cut, construction, trims, fabric weaving method and fabric composition (including microencapsulated effective components) used in Perfect Tights®, account for perfect fit and perfect customer experience.

Perfect Tights® by Coco Tomātl® are made for women who do not accept any jokes about their comfort.

The product is called ‘Perfect’ because it addresses all key problems known in general tights’ construction.

No pilling of any kind, no dust attached to the tights’ surface, no too short back rise, no loose waist, no sagging fit, no sliding down while walking. 🤣🤣🤣

We want your tights to feel as nice and natural as the second skin! 😊 We’ve made them highly stretching and mildly compressing, designed them to be moisture wicking, quick-dry, easy to care for and perfectly black ALL THE TIME.

To amaze you even more – we’ve microencapsulated natural effective components into the actual fabric of the Perfect Tights®. These effective components help you beat fatigue, have more energy in life and turn your fitness program to success.

Effective components
The effective components in Perfect Tights® remain effective for 90 days of daily wear or 30 cold hand washes, whichever happens first*. The garment itself remains in great shape, fit and color beyond 12 months.

From our experience with women who play Queen’s Quest (my secret online fitness game 😊) – 90 days is the exact amount of time necessary to drop ca. 30 pounds of weight, by wearing Perfect Tights® and exercising daily.

Effects of Perfect Tights® reported by women so far**:
1️⃣  Fatigue reduction and increase of endurance. (Compound effect of compression and effective components).

2️⃣ Mild appetite suppression if worn daily for 6 to 10 hours. (Compound effect of compression and effective components).
Perfect Tights® by Coco Tomātl® is the only wearable energizer in the market, which helps women to follow an intermittent fasting protocol (one of the most effective weight loss protocols). Most people have difficulty following intermittent fasting due to strong hunger pangs. Perfect Tights® takes the edge off of hunger, eliminates hot hunger and enables women wearing the tights to make calm and healthy food choices.

3️⃣ Promotion of fast healing of (sport related) micro injuries. (Compound effect of compression and effective components). Women playing Queen’s Quest, jumping rope and trampoline, report absence of exercise-related muscle pain.

Comparison to other tights and leggings
We have not encountered a single garment in the market, albeit in the sports segment or in casual segment, that would actively help women to beat fatigue, have more energy in life and turn their fitness program to success. 

Most comparable tights, leggings and shaping shorts are designed not to improve your fitness, but to redistribute your fat deposits around the waist, belly and thighs in order to enhance your visual appearance.

What do you achieve wearing such ‘fat redistribution’ legwear? Well … Nothing! There’s something that keeps you away from exercise and health, and it’s called an excuse. Appearance enhancing fat redistribution legwear IS such an excuse. It temporarily enhances your appearance, and gives you an excuse not to practice necessary self-care, such as exercise and clean diet.

Perfect Tights® by Coco Tomātl® is created with your fitness and health in mind. Women look and feel great wearing Perfect Tights®. At the same time they get additional energy necessary to start exercising daily. 

Development of such a product requires a strong vision, a great team and top-notch understanding of high performance garment manufacturing. As a fashion inventor with 13 years experience I am very proud of Perfect Tights® by Coco Tomātl® and all women wearing them!

Directions for safe use
1️⃣ Wear Perfect Tights® each day for 6 to 10 hours during day and during exercise.

2️⃣ From the first day of wearing you may feel your energy levels increase. Once there – consult your doctor about adding 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine.

3️⃣ On day 6 you may notice that your food cravings for processed foods start to diminish. At this point we recommend you start avoiding processed foods and consider intermittent fasting.

*How to take care of Perfect Tights
1️⃣ Wash Perfect Tights® every second or third time after wearing.

2️⃣ Wash separately from all other garments, using a cold hand wash.

3️⃣ Do not use washing powder or fabric conditioner.

4️⃣ Do not bleach.

5️⃣ Do not tumble dry. Line dry without delay and out of direct sunlight.

6️⃣ Do not wear wet.

The retail price of Perfect Tights® is $140.
Imagine you could beat fatigue and finally turn your fitness program to success, get fit and slim down 20 pounds in 90 days, would it be a great deal at $140? 
I bet it would!

It would be even a better deal if you could purchase your wearable energizer at $97, right?

🚨 But I am not going to charge you that !

ONLY TODAY you can get your pair of Perfect Tights® at the partner price of $65. Simply use the Promo Code SAVE$32

If you buy your pair of Perfect Tights® today you’ll be able to nominate one friend for a FREE pair of Perfect Tights®!

This is really cool! 😊

ON THE TOP OF THAT You will get
FIVE Fitness Gifts valued $396!

If you are ready to beat fatigue – follow these simple steps:
1️⃣ Click HERE and watch a 4 min. video on the page
2️⃣ C
hoose your size according to the size chart
3️⃣ Submit your order
4️⃣ Get instant access to your Fitness Gifts
5️⃣ Send an email with the name of your friend whom you’d like to nominate for a FREE pair of Perfect Tights® to  😊

Much love,


Questions? Ask me in the comments. 💖

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