Chapter 361: How to lose best business partners in 4 steps?

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How to lose the best business partners?

Easy-peasy. In 4 simple steps (max).

1) Make an agreement

2) Stop acting upon your commitment

3) Give to your partner a list of personal issues as an excuse. (Try to make your partner feel guilty. You are a victim of circumstances here after all.)

4) Hmm… Does not work? How about that: shame your partner. Heartless. No understanding for your noble victimhood.

5) Done! You’ve lost your partner! Most of the time at the step #2 actually. If your partner was hanging around till step #4, it was a really good one. A compassionate one.

Life happens to all of us.

No matter what adversities we face, our business partners, friends, family face the same type of adversities or worse.

Solving difficult situations is a part of the game.

A great business partner is one who acts upon her commitment and never brings in any personal excuses.

The one who takes responsibility for her actions, and keeps her partners unharmed by any personal drama.

Now, seriously.

Why would someone enter an agreement to break it?

The answer is a bit controversial.

These are two different people within one and the same person who enter and break commitments.

The one who enters is called your True Self, your essence, the one who you really are.

The one who ventures into excuses, victimhood, and prosecution is called your Pain Body: the accumulation of all pains, and hurts, and victimhood from your whole life.

Connection to your True Self is a tricky task, since the Pain Body is always in the way.

The trick here is to be aware of the fact that you own a Pain Body.

Every time you interact with the world, imagine standing next to yourself and observing who is talking.

Is it your Pain Body talking? The accumulation of all hurts? Or is it your True Self talking?

Pain Body has one challenge.

Pain Body cannot express its needs without pulling out a victim or a prosecutor.

Pain Body sees the world as an aggressive place.

Pain Body attacks the world with guilt.

It is either a victim or a rightful prosecutor.

Your True Self expresses its needs with zero drama.

Happy. Compassionate. Joyful. In the state of flow. → Your True Self.

Disappointed. Offended. Resentful. Misunderstood. Undervalued. Suffering. Oh boy, the list is long. → Your Pain Body.

Great news is – you are the BOSS. 

You are the one who decides WHO IS TALKING. 😉 

Let me know in the comments whether it resonates.

Have you ever met your True Self?

Have you ever met your Pain Body?

Much love,


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