Chapter 362: About Lunar New Year and the second chance

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Happy Lunar New Year!

May the year of the Metal Ox be prosperous and full of joy for you and your family!

I love Lunar New Year because it is what it is, namely the second chance. 🙂 

If we are somewhat similar, you would have all those New Year’s resolutions that you may slack on by the mid of Jan.

Lunar New Year is your second chance.

1) To get fit.

2) To outsource your fashion manufacturing.

3) To invent your iconic fashion product and break through with your brand.

I am running all three.

1) I am going down 10 pounds in the nest 30 days. Are you with me? LMK in the comments and I’ll tell you how to join my fitness gang.

2) We are accepting 2 new manufacturing members for our factory. If you have not joined yet, I suggest jumping into the Starter Plan today to put your foot into the door.

3) And I am helping 5 new Fashion Inventors to develop their iconic fashion product in March. Claim your place here.

Action taker? I am. Are you? Let’s do it!



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