Chapter 363: Minus 3.6 lbs water weight

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This is the most beautiful Spring Festival vacation I’ve ever had.

I wake up when I want.

Have my favorite food (guess what it is 😊).

There are occasional appointments with my amazing Fashion Invention Bootcamp™ students.

Each call pumps me full of energy.

Catch up on work in a relaxed tempo.

There is no one at my doorstep.

(Yes, I love to spend days alone occasionally.

Solitude = Deep relaxation.)

I don’t need to go places.

New pair of Perfect Tights®.

(Put myself into the size S. Should’ve taken an M actually.

But, you know, it will all be well by the mid of March.)


Rope jumping.

Biking (today, my favorite right now).

Last 48 hours – minus 3.6 lbs. water weight.

Goal – 10 lbs. in the next 28 days.

And … and a bunch of other goals.

All fun.

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