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I am taking everything personally. And this is a huge burden. I am almost freaking out receiving text messages with exclamation points. Imagine a text message with exclamation points at the end of every sentence and complete absence of smiling faces!!! Horrifying!!! Who said a haunted castle at night is scary? Absence of smiling faces in text messages! It literally hurts!

I have learned not to cry when being criticized. But I can not process any type of personal critique objectively. I will spend ages arguing with someone in my head, while feeling deeply offended. And I would be fully convinced that I deserve better!

Coco may choose to be very direct. “You are taking everything personally” – she dumped on me few days ago. “This is a huge burden. This slows you down to the point of total procrastination. To make you feel how big of a burden it is I have sent you a little parcel by DHL. It cost me a small fortune to send it”- Coco chuckles – “When it arrives you will understand why.”

And then, guess what? The parcel arrived, a huge carton box, a heavy one.

I open the box to find my Clickfunnels backpack (no wonder it went missing) … full with … STONES!!! A little card enclosed: “Please have this bag with you every day wherever you go until you understand the burden of taking everything personally!!! And!!! Until you find a way to get rid of this burden!!!”


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