Chapter 56: Fish-oil-flavored … ice-cream

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– In your life, J, you have eaten a lot of food exclusively for the sake of its taste. – Though Coco from the upper tree branch. We have found a very large and friendly tree not far away from my house, and now both of us are sitting in the upper branches.

– Ice-cream for example. – Coco continues – There is no valid reason whatsoever to eat ice-cream if not to enjoy its flavor.

– I don’t know Coco. I am sure there is more to an ice-cream but its flavor. – That’s me.

– Oh really? How about a fish-oil-flavored ice-cream? Would you eat it? It is an ice-cream.

– Whaaat? Bjaaaa. Neee. – I am ready to throw up. I am highly imaginative.

– Enjoying food for its taste is the closest most people ever come to living in the moment…

– What do you mean Coco?

– Living a life is like eating for flavor’s sake. It is not about deserving better or any other brain-twisting dilemma. It’s about experiencing the taste, taste of various things, even those you may think to be too good for. Such as fish-oil-flavored ice cream…

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