Chapter 55: Changing the course of a polar icebreaker.

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4.7 pounds are gone! Thigh CMF: minus 0.8”, Hip CMF: minus 0.4”, Waist CMF: minus 0.4”

I am one week into my first 10 pounds weight loss marathon. Why first? Because I have divided my total weight loss goal into 6 perks, 10 pounds each. And this is the first 10 pounds I am dropping.

When waking up – my face is not swollen anymore. Skin is shinier; I look younger in the mirror. Leg over leg sitting position is easier. It is amazing what just 5 pounds of weight can do!

Going into a weight loss marathon feels like changing the course of the heavy weight polar icebreaker “Mikhail Sedov”. I have to get used to daily exercise routine. I have to literally trick my mind into thinking that daily exercise hour is equivalent to breathing. As if in a dream I watch myself getting creative with different kinds of salads, vegetable salads, fruit salads… I haven’t cooked for ages!

After 4.7 pounds weight loss I am still carrying 6 brick stones in my bag wherever I go. The rules are – I can remove one brick per 10 pounds of weight loss. The good thing is – I spent lots of time at home during vacation. 6 brick stones are quite heavy to be carried around 🙂 But my vacation is over on Monday. It would be great to drop another 5 pounds till then [LOL].

Routine: Perfect Tights – wearing the whole day and during exercise. Exercise – 1 hour moderate rope jumping per day (6000 jumps). Food – logging my calories intake @

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