Chapter 57: A happy floral German sausage.

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Second week of my First 10 Pounds Marathon is over. And guess what? 7 pounds are gone! Thigh CMF: minus 0.8”, Hip CMF: minus 1.2”, Waist CMF: minus 1.6”

1.6” hip, waist and chest circumference corresponds to one dress size down! I almost dropped one dress size!

I have a lot of dresses I like. This is good news. On the other hand I have very few dresses I fit into. So let’s run a little check. I take out one of my favorite dresses: soft floral flannel by a new designer, deep décolleté, A-skirt just above the knee, central front invisible zipper. WOW! I can zip it up. Two weeks ago the placket in the front would not meet! 🙂 It is still too tight and I remind myself of some kind tightly wrapped floral German sausage. A happy sausage though, a very happy one indeed!

Routine: Perfect Tights – wearing the whole day and during exercise. Exercise – 1 hour moderate rope jumping per day (6000 jumps/hour). Food – logging my calories intake @

Perfect Tights by Coco Tomatl Special Offer Banner 20190607

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