About two years ago fed up with my looks I have made an experiment.

I have found a picture of some well dressed woman in great shape and have photoshopped my face into the picture.

Three seconds later my picture was added to my social media profile.

And guess what?

People who have never ever been interested in my whereabouts started sending me random messages.

Friends got excited.

I have got so much attention out of nowhere, I could not grasp it.

And the best thing of all – I felt great. I felt great looking at my avatar, I felt great receiving all those compliments, all this attention.

Even knowing that I am not even close to the looks at the picture – I felt great.

An interesting thing happened few weeks later.

I went to some kind of party organized by some friends.

I met several new people there.

I did not know these people before – but funny enough all of them have somehow seen my picture.

So coming out from the kitchen into the corridor of the lane house where the party took place, I incidentally overheard a new-met girl asking my friend: “What happened to her?” And was depleted by my friend’s answer: “Life happened to her…”

Now, two years later, with all these tremendous changes in my life, I can just laugh about it. Life happened to me folks. And thinner is better!

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