Chapter 69: Weight Loss Withdrawal Symptoms

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Who would have thought that weight loss would have some kind of withdrawal symptoms? And no – it is not about any type of food. I am not craving anything. I eat whatever I want to eat. My whole food craving behavior changed quite a bit. I don’t long for heavy stuff anymore. I used to order pack of French fries, a hamburger and a milk-tea during lunch break. Not every day, but once a week for sure. I loved it actually. After three weeks of my program I have grown cold to it. It does not taste as good as it used to and after eating clean for such a long time I get stomach ache eating heavy food. So withdrawal symptoms are definitely not food related.

So what am I talking about? I am talking about gazillions of negative thoughts surfing through my brain. The Great Sea of Self Pity has risen out of somewhere. First I wanted to write “out of nowhere” but this would not be true. If it is there – it came from somewhere within myself. As if pounds of old pain are getting soften up and rise to my head. One of the best parts to observe is this inner voice particularly active since one week. It tries its best to let me know that I deserve things such as a break from rope jumping and blogging. This D-word! Like as if I am some kind of bad treated little girl, who finally deserves something. But I am somewhat prepared, because Coco warned me about the sneaky Deserve Troll. Between periods of acute self pity I am crying laughing about his sabotage attempts aka my withdrawal symptoms.

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