Chapter 68: About Sun, Horizon and World Directions.

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Every one of us is born with our own Sun and our own Horizons. Horizons seam wide and clear, and … equally (un)important. The Sun is young. The Sun is there. It is just there and we assume it always will be. Directions of the World do not matter at all. It doesn’t really matter what direction we are walking. No matter where we go – the Sun is always there…Till 3pm.

At 3pm latest if at all it may become clear that Sun starts ascending. At 3pm it may become clear that there is only one direction that prolongs the sunset. It may become clear and then it is a blessing. Then we walk with our Sun, in the best light of the day for as long as it goes and even longer. Until one day smiling at the final crown of rays piercing through our real Horizon we say: “Thank you!” And then? Then we go.

P.S. I noticed it today at sunset, jumping rope. Although my 3pm are not there yet, I am anxious to figure out my true direction NOW!

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