Chapter 97: About sex and 22 pounds…

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– I read your blog. – I and Coco are having breakfast on Lama Island. Business brings me to Hong Kong. I am registering a NewCo to realize my most ambitious dreams. And Coco joins me on the trip.

– I read your blog. – This is Coco.

– You did?

– Yep.

– And?

– And it is great. Just love it. It will make a good book eventually.

– Really? No way!

– Yep and as a matter of fact a good movie.

– Whaaa?

– Why not? Think big. It is transformational, addresses important topics, guides the reader through a working how-to system and most importantly it is fun! – Coco is taking a big sip from her coffee. – Km, – she clears her throat and smiles. – It may lack sex though … a bit … I mean… totally …

– What? – I almost choke on my Wasa cracker.

– Never mind. It will enter the play eventually. – Coco is laughing.

– It did, – my head turns red, – but I am not writing about it, you know. It is very personal.

– Aha?

– Aha! It did enter the picture at 22 pounds mark.

– Aaand?

– Aaand … nothing! It is great, but I am not writing about it!

I close one eye pretending to think deeply – I may though … once my blog becomes a book … or a movie. LOL.

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