Chapter 96: Fed up carrying around a burden? Just drop it.

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The 22 pound backpack which I am carrying around wherever I go is an amazing tool. It is supposed to teach me that taking things personally is a heavy burden. It is supposed to make me realize that I have lost tremendous amount of weight (23 pounds as per today, almost the same weight as the backpack). It also supposed to motivate me to get rid of remaining 40 pounds excess weight as soon as possible, because I am allowed to throw away one stone per 10 lbs weight loss.

Today it taught me something new. In the morning I decided to take a day off of my urban backpacking and go to work without it. The feeling of walking freely without 22 pounds on my back was amazing.

It dawned on me – fed up carrying around a burden? Just drop it… I am about to drop some burdens! Watch me!

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